2007. március 23., péntek

--==Prodigy - The Pre-Mac==--

Prodigy - The Pre-Mac
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|01-Superman and God Intro |
|02-Sold My Soul To The Devil ft. Big Twin (prod. by Havoc) |
|03-Prodigy-Interlude |
|04-The Rotten Apple (prod. by Alchemist) |
|05-Bang On Em (prod. by Alchemist) |
|06-Summer In New York (prod. by Sid Roams) |
|07-Stop Frontin (Got You Open) (prod. by Alchemist) |
|08-Stuck To You (prod. by Alchemist) |
|09-Alchemist-I Love This Shit |
|10-550 Benz ft.Sam Scarfo (prod. by Alchemist) |
|11-If It Aint One Thing ft. DJ Absoulut,Nucci Reyo & AZ |
|12-Hood Rich (prod. by Havoc) |
|13-7th Heaven ft. Un Pacino (prod. by Alchemist) |
|14-Flush the Raw ft. 50 Cent |
|15-Mic Check ft. 50 Cent,Havoc & St. Laz |
|16-The Infamous G-Unit ft. Un Pacino & Nyce |
|17-Bring It Back ft. Un Pacino (prod. by Havoc) |
|18-A Few Funerals (prod. by Havoc) |
|19-Brand New Shit (prod. by Alchemist) |
|20-Real Tight ft. 50 Cent,Havoc & Big Twin (by Alchemist) |
|21-Blood Money (prod. by Havoc) |
|22-Thats Why Nigga |
|23-How The Thugs Play |
|24-Gangsta Boys ft. Mazaradi Fox & Bynoe |
|25-Immortal-Interlude |
|26-What A Real Mobb Do pt. 2 ft. Big Twin (by Alchemist) |
|27-Prodigy-Interlude |
|28-Straight Murder ft. 50 Cent (prod. by Alchemist) |
|29-Horror Show (prod. by Havoc) |
|30-I'm On It (prod. by Havoc) |
|31-You Aint No Gangsta ft. Havoc (prod. by Havoc) |
|32-Lourder (prod. by Alchemist) |
|33-New York Shit (prod. by Alchemist) |
|34-Get Clapped ft. Lloyd Banks (prod. by Havoc) |
|35-The New Mobb ft. Big Twin (prod. by Alchemist) |
|36-Got It On Smash ft. Big Twin (prod. by Sid Roams) |
|37-Outro |

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Hello, here’s some info you might find interesting – a list of most promising rappers for 2007:

1. Cory Gunz
2. Termanology
3. Stat Quo
4. Papoose
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10. Lupe Fiasco

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