2007. október 28., vasárnap

--==Ty Nitty - Untold Stories (2007)==--

THX Bentlock
Ty Nitty - Untold Stories

01. Infamous Quran
02. Blood Money
03. Foul Mahdi
04. Goes Around Comes Around
05. Tick Tock
06. Nitty's Home
07. Kitty Blood
08. Creeps
09. I Miss You
10. Hungry
11. Holding It Down (Gravity)
12. Cannon (Ox First Breed)
13. Where Ya Heart At?
14. Allah B
15. Dragon On My Hand
16. Reasonz
17. F.A.N.S.
18. Thin Line
19. Put 'Em In Their Place (Charlies)
20. Don't Want Me To Blow
21. Right Back At You
22. Shit On My Peoples
23. Get 'Em Boyz
24. Kitty Blood Pt. 2
25. Enemies
26. Boricuaz
27. How They Do
28. Said And Done

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