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--==Killa Sha - H.N.I.O (2007)==--

Killa Sha - H.N.I.O.

artist:      DJ Diggz And DJ Rated R Present Killa Sha
title: H.N.I.O
label: n/a
type: Bootleg
genre: Rap
source: CDDA
grabber: EAC
encoder: lame-3.97-final
year: 2007
tracks: 19
time: 54:28
size: 50,1 MB
bitrate: VBRkbps
mode: Joint-Stereo
rip date: 27-Jun-2007
street date: ??-Jun-2007

01. Killa Sha - Intro (00:53)
02. Killa Sha - Head Nigga In Order (04:32)
03. Killa Sha - Out Of Business (02:32)
04. Killa Sha - Thing Called Love (03:51)
05. Killa Sha - The All Seing Eye And Interlude(00:05)
06. Killa Sha - Deep Thoughts (03:11)
07. Killa Sha Feat. Havoc - Work The Plan Out (02:16)
08. Killa Sha - The Window (02:49)
09. Killa Sha - Up (04:45)
10. Killa Sha - Greezy Talk (02:14)
11. Killa Sha - Lumi'z 3 Minute Workout (02:51)
12. Killa Sha - School Remix (02:47)
13. Killa Sha - Lyfe Freestyle (03:46)
14. Killa Sha Feat. Extra P - Front Line (02:07)
15. Killa Sha - Fed Up (02:37)
16. Killa Sha - Tune Of Life (03:03)
17. Killa Sha - Rip Remix (02:27)
18. Killa Sha - Outro (03:31)
19. Killa Sha - Bonus Track (04:11)

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