2008. február 8., péntek

--==Air-France - Flight 001 To Queensbridge==--

Air-France - Flight 001 To Queensbridge

01-Infamous mobb-who can u trust
02-Havoc-by my side-feat 40 glocc
03-Mobb deep-gangsta-feat tony yayo
04-Havoc-ride out-feat nyce
05-Infamous mobb-double el-feat big noyd
06-Un pacino-thats that shit-feat stack bundles
07-Nyce-cold chillin-feat v12 prod by sid roams
08-Infamous mobb-pull the plug-feat prodigy
09-Twin gambino-skit exclusive for cash converterz
10-Barge-relox-sacrifice-feat twin gambino
11-Ty nitti-who want it-prod by grim team
12-Tragedy khadafi-i am the streets
13-Havoc-one less nigga
14-Crhyme fam-street shit-prod by the alchemist
15-Un pacino-close your eyes-feat jr writer
16-Mobb deep-get clapped-feat lloyd banks
17-Infamous mobb-hustle hard-feat and prod by alchemist
18-Relox-you know-feat twin gambino-prod by pistol pit
19-Havoc-set me free-feat prodigy and nyce
20-Infamous mobb-muzik 4 the user-feat chinky
21-God pt3-crossroads-prod by grim team
22-Crhyme fam-my life-prod by zack johnson
23-Twin gambino-closer
24-Prodigy-i know
25-Prodigy-last words

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