2008. március 24., hétfő

--==CNN - What Up 2 Da Hood==--

CNN - What Up 2 Da Hood

1. Dame Dash - N.O.R.E., N.O.R.E., Mariah Carey
2. What We Do - Capone, Jim Jones, Grand Daddy I.U., Capone, Nature, N.O.R.E., Thugged Out
3. Yes Sir - Maze, C-N-N, Maze
4. TNN - Dutch, Dutch, Thugged Out
5. Tigga Hood Radio
6. Frizbe - Dutch, Dutch, Thugged Out
7. Falling Solider - Capone, Capone, Thugged Out
8. Green Latern Freestyle - Nature, Nature, N.O.R.E.
9. Green Latern Hood Radio
10. Numbermen - 00, Capone, Thugged Out
11. Whoo Kid Hood Radio
12. Crank It Up [Remix] - N.O.R.E., N.O.R.E., David Banner
13. DJ Envy Hood Radio
14. In the Ghetto - Muse, Thugged Out, Maze, Tity Boi
15. Golden Skies - Muse, Thugged Out, Maze
16. U Don't Believe Me - John Doe, John Doe, N.O.R.E.
17. Big Mike Hood Radio
18. 36 Thugs - 36 Mafia, Gangsta Boo, Three 6 Mafia, Baby Sis, N.O.R.E., Thugged Out
19. Back and Forth - Capone, Capone, Baby Sis, Thugged Out
20. U Know - Nature, Nature, Thugged Out
21. K Slay Hood Radio
22. Get Buck Hood Radio
23. King Jaffee - Dwnlzy, Thugged Out
24. Falling Soliders - Capone, Capone, Thugged Out
25. Murda Mommies Hood Radio
26. Duce Dangy - Nature, Baby Sis, Nature, N.O.R.E., Thugged Out, Maze
27. Mililtainment Soliders - Nature, Jim Jones, Nature, Thugged Out, Cardan
28. Incredible Cuts Hood Radio
29. Stay Right Here - N.O.R.E., Juelz Santana, Capone, N.O.R.E., Thugged Out, Maze
30. Cardan Freestyle - Thugged Out, Cardan
31. Big Face Gary & Mike Lighty Hood Radio
32. El Pollo Loco - N.O.R.E., N.O.R.E., Thugged Out
33. Cold Blooded Killa - N.O.R.E., N.O.R.E., Carone, Thugged Out

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