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Milani Rose Sextape
Milani Rose
King Magazine Web Girl Of The Year 2008
Budweiser Spokes Model

The Truth... Milani Rose (real name Rosalyn Weeks), is actually a NY prostitute.

Files Included:
-UNCUT Sex Video/Audio of Milani Rose
-Audio of her identifying herself, her website (sexymilani.com), her height, adult movies she has been in, and more!
-A recent interview where she denied being a prostitute (So, we had to go deep deep deep undercover and pay some lucky bastard to call her, arrange a date, and then ***** her..... all for the dollar!)
-Other video/photoshoot/etc. so that you can compare for authenticity.

Whats next?
The actual sex tape is over an hour long, but for now we give you Milani Rose in 12 minutes of uncut... money, names, sucking, ***** and more sucking! Shortly, we will release the full video with a twisted climax that you wouldn't believe... unless you see it yourself!